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I was playing [my] first chess game against the computer[1] and was feeling that it was slowing down each time a piece was lost[2], it was slowing down till it made me feel bored. I had previously played dozens[3] who are slow in the game, but I had the right to prompt them to hurry […]

Creativity is the renewal of life and a communal effort that has its conditions; it is not merely a personal contribution. Undoubtedly, it a part of the art of existence. It is said that Shahrazad’s secret was that she renewed life with the course of days: the listener would wait at night longingly and passionately […]

Islam is a system for human life which is based on making God’s law alone govern in all situations of life. Furthermore, Islam – which takes charge of organising all human life – didn’t deal with life’s different aspects haphazardly nor did it treat it as various parts. That is to say, it has an […]

It goes without saying that parents, teachers and the sovereign power in society when they demand a person as a child then as a teenager and an adult with strict obedience, total dependency or deterring punishment they merely create a negative readiness with them toward the virtue of [having] the audacity to [display] any new […]

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 From childhood we commence The recommendations aim at many things, among which are: Developing children’s informational and intellectual surplus, passion for new information and for ventures into discovering the unknown as a basis for developing the endeavour to [conduct] research and developing stimulation and astonishment towards phenomena in a rational, methodological attempt to unravel […]

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 This collective race takes place on a basis issuing from knowledge…as an inventive production and creative deployment. There is no doubting that the spreading of knowledge transparently and providing information in a climate of effectiveness and freedom enliven society and increase its ability to move and [the two] double[1] its immunity against breach and […]

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