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I am available to teach Arabic privately in London or online and that I am available to translate documents.

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 From childhood we commence The recommendations aim to many things, among which are: Developing children’s informational and intellectual surplus, passion for new information and for ventures into discovering the unknown as a basis for developing the endeavour to [conduct] research and developing stimulation and astonishment towards phenomena in a rational, methodological attempt to unravel […]

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 This collective race takes place on a basis issuing from knowledge…as an inventive production and creative deployment. There is no doubting that the spreading of knowledge transparently and providing information in a climate of effectiveness and freedom enliven society and increase its ability to move and [the two] double [1] its immunity against breach […]

English translation of an article on the Al Jazeera Arabic website. Available Formats ??? ??? Arabic (no vowels) with English Translation ??? Arabic with vowels and English Translation PRINT Click Here to See the Original Arabic Text ??? Translated on October-November 2015/Al-Muharram-Safar 1437

Arabic vowelized text coming soon. Available Formats ??? ??? Arabic (no vowels) and English Translation ??? Arabic with vowels and English Translation PRINT Click Here to See the Original Arabic Text ??? Cat cafes…a Chinese recipe (for cure) for the One-Child Generation Shen Zi Wei is a first year university student at the Faculty of Media  in […]

       Last night, I was sitting beside the fire, reading a novel, when suddenly someone knocked on the door. My mother looked at the clock and said to me,      ‘I wonder who it could be – it certainly isn’t your father, as he doesn’t come home until 6, whereas the time now is half past four. Go and see who […]

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=5084 1) Establishing different types of joint-projects. 2) The existence of a tariff preferences system among countries of the Islamic world. 3) Sharing the available technology developed by these countries. 4) Forming unions for producers of commodities and raw materials in Muslim countries. 5) Unifying stances with regard to international issues raised such as the […]