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This collective race takes place on a basis issuing from knowledge…as an inventive production and creative deployment. There is no doubting that the spreading of knowledge transparently and providing information in a climate of effectiveness and freedom enliven society and increase its ability to move and [the two] double[1] its immunity against breach and against despotism and dissolution.

It is commonplace nowadays in information societies that knowledge is a power and an increasing value; workers in the field on information are described as being workers of knowledge. Likewise, the excess value of knowledge as a main social production is widely talked about[2]… and that the most wealthy, unassailable and powerful societies are those that are the most prolific and the most rapid in creating information and in employing knowledge in building life.

It is worth mentioning here that the development of creative abilities that a person has from childhood does not detach from the comprehensive operation of sociocultural upbringing and educational upbringing at all levels nor from the climate of political and social relations and situations even though the initial years of life make up a base and foundation. Hence why experts allude to a number of recommendations to develop creative abilities during childhood and before school age, and likewise during subsequent educational stages. The need of compatibility and coordination is, of course, evident between it and the circumstances and climate of the social life outside home and school [by which] I mean political life and economic…cultural and social circumstances and relations that delineate a person’s stance and their status [as well as] their freedom and their methodology in communal action and in relations between the [two] sexes or between different ages.


[1] The author uses the singular form ‘yazīd’ (to increase) but then uses the dual form ‘yuḍā’ifāni’ (the two double). I cannot see the reason for this change in the grammatical number of the two verbs. [Translator]

[2] More literally: Likewise, the talk about the excess value of knowledge as a main social production has circulated. [Translator]