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From childhood we commence

The recommendations aim at many things, among which are:

  • Developing children’s informational and intellectual surplus, passion for new information and for ventures into discovering the unknown as a basis for developing the endeavour to [conduct] research and developing stimulation and astonishment towards phenomena in a rational, methodological attempt to unravel the causes and the joy of reaching a solution, answer, or discovering, the unknown, not being content with premature answers that are extraneous to the phenomenon which cut off the way without all the above mentioned things[1]. Certainly, information and sciences are not contained in a previous text. Rather, it is a renewed venture, an endless research effort and a boundless discovery.


  • Developing potential thought, and distancing [oneself] from rigid dogmatism, zealotry and definitive, [irrevocable] laws that block the path in front of any new attempts to research and change. That is [the case] as the phenomena of reality are always renewing and changing.


  • Developing the child’s ability to take the initiative and [to have] a critical view of reality and thought without social restrictions; to listen with humility and intellectual voraciousness to the efforts of others with regards to intellectual research. [Moreover,] the truth is not a monopoly of anyone nor is it absolutely accomplished; rather, living reality is renewable and mutable and so too is human-societal thought.


  • Distancing [oneself] from typicality and stereotypes[2] since this is the core incentive to creativity and renewal whereas typicality is the core of intellectual authority and dogmatic coercion; both are adversaries of creative abilities. It is not strange that in stereotypical and dogmatic prevalent societies a belief that obedience is a virtue is common, with the meaning of subordination and unquestioningly not surpassing the familiar mode. Departing from typicality requires planting the virtue of courage with the truth, audacity with independence, honesty to the core of a person from childhood and that [a person’s] custodians at home, at school and society are role models for them.


[1] Literally: without all that. [Translator]

[2] Literally: rigid moulds. [Translator]