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Yes, Islam is the solution… but how? (Part 6)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=5084 The objective of [having] Islamic banks is that they take the place of commercial banks considering that they operate on interest, and it is here that some Islamic jurists are of the opinion that the mudaraba (silent partnership) contract1 in Islam is considered a legal basis for some contemporary credit processes, accordingly, it modifies the […]

Yes, Islam is the solution… but how? (Part 5)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=5084 Production, distribution and exchange In the view of Islamic jurisprudence, which is deduced from the Qur’an and the Hadith, the state intervenes in order to expand production within the framework of the lawful and the forbidden, with the following things: a) occurrence of a specific or general harm b) exploitation c) earning through [the act of] […]

Yes, Islam is the solution… but how? (Part 4)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=5084 Ownership and its standards in Islam In the last many years concern for the issue of transferring public ownership to the private sector started to increase in both developed and developing countries, however, Islam has placed rules for distributing ownership that are appropriate in every place and time since Islam does not approve the link […]

Yes, Islam is the solution… but how? (Part 3)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=5084 Work is an obligation and right at one and the same time  Islam is concerned with establishing the right to work for every human being. The right of the worker over the state is that it facilitates the opportunity of work for them and doesn’t procrastinate, leaving such a right for later, as productive work is […]

Yes, Islam is the solution… but how? (Part 2)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=5084 The Islamic view on development The Islamic view on development is comprehensive of all aspects and constituents of human life, and isn’t [one that is] limited to the economy. It therefore deals with all phenomena of life and [all] aspects of activity within it. Likewise, it deals with feelings, conduct, conscience and sentiments. The values that such development deals with are not just economic, nor are they, generally speaking, material [either]; rather, such […]