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Yes, Islam is the solution… but how? (Part 1 of 4)

Islam is a system for human life which is based on making God’s law alone govern in all situations of life. Furthermore, Islam – which takes charge of organising all human life – didn’t deal with life’s different aspects haphazardly nor did it treat it as various parts. That is to say, it has an […]

Creativity (part 9)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 Creativity is a mental and practical social activity not restricted to one specific category [of people] [1], [whether] male or female, [or] white, black or yellow…and so on; it is, rather, subject to the nature of society’s culture and society’s foundational framework that is a part of conventional culture which delineates the manner of […]

Creativity (part 8)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 This activity has undoubtedly become a necessity for the sake of the resurgence and active participation in building a society on the level of modern civilisation, on the condition that the innovative change comprise all fields and elements of our lives and our social, cognitive, intellectual and cultural relations…Certainly we see in our present […]

Creativity (Part 7)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 I mean by this that it restores its cultural heritage on a selective basis with what consolidates its future movement and its active productive work without movement and action impediments. Furthermore, it adds a new cultural creativity to it in turn becoming a legacy for coming generations. Hence we say it is a creative […]

Creativity (Part 6)

http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 Creativity is, with this meaning, a negation of a restrictive framework and a rebellion against a conventional approach whose steam has run out [1] and has become incapable of definitively solving issues and problems of the present reality and an obstruction to movement towards the future. It is undoutedly a purposeful methodological rebellion reaching […]