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عسى الكرب الذي أمسيت فيه   يكون وراءه فرج قريب

Perhaps the sorrow that you have come to be in     behind it there will be an imminent relief Meaning: I hope that God removes the worry and grief that you have come to be in and that He replaces it [with] imminent relief.

Sharh Ibn Aqil 86


دعاني من نجد؛ فإن سنينه لعبن بنا شيباً وشيبننا مردا

Leave me (both of you) in relation to Najd; for as grey-haired [elderly people] its years undoubtedly made sport of us and as beardless [youth] it made us grey-haired.

Meaning: Leave me, my (two) bosom friends in relation to mentioning this land [of Najd], for certainly whatever aridness [there was] and drought that has happened has shaken and disturbed the old men and its conditions gave grey hair to the youth and the beardless.

Sharh Ibn ‘Aqil شرح ابن عقيل


ألم أك جاركم ويكون بيني     وبينكم المودة والإخاء

Was I not your neighbour whilst there was between me and you love and brotherliness? Meaning: [The poet,] Al-Hutay’ah, reprimands the Al-Zibriqan family with this verse and says to them: I was an adherent of yours living under your protection and there was familiarity and brotherhood between me and you, then I turned away from you towards others; there must be a reason on your part for this as you are unfit for neighbourly association and love.

لعمرك ما أدري وإني لأوجل       على أينا تعدو المنية أول

By your life, I do not know – though certainly I assuredly dread – on which of us will the fate [of death] strike first

Meaning: He is saying to his companion: I swear to you by your life I certainly do not know – though I am afraid – whom amongst us will death befall before it befalls his companion. What the poet means is that this life is short and a person is prone to death at every moment, so it is unbefitting that we spend our lives in abandonment and severance.

شرح قطر الندى


Time will reveal to you that which you were unaware of; 

and the one whom you had not dispatched* will bring you news 

Meaning: Time will certainly expose to you what was concealed from you; and news will come to you [spontaneously] without you having to exert yourself [take the trouble] to seek it out.

* That is: to seek out news. Literally: ‘and the one whom you had not supplied with travelling provisions will bring you news’

ستبدي لك الأيام ما كنت جاهلا

ويأتيك بالأخبار من لم تزود

المعنى: إن الأيام ستكشف لك ما كان مستترا عنك، وستأتيك الأخبار [عفوا] من غير أن تكلف نفسك [أن تتجشم] البحث عنها.

Sharh Qatr al-nada  شرح قطر الندى