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http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 Creativity is, with this meaning, a negation of a restrictive framework and a rebellion against a conventional approach whose steam has run out [1] and has become incapable of definitively solving issues and problems of the present reality and an obstruction to movement towards the future. It is undoutedly a purposeful methodological rebellion reaching a new approach in diagnosing and understanding phenomena of reality that have come to a head and whose movement has come to a standstill or has lost its fertility. Thus it is not deemed to produce novelty through a humanistic thought bound to imitation…[2] creativity is in various areas of social thought and scientific research, always believing in change and renewal, [believing] in human ability and [believing] in the possibility of the correct banishment of fundamental problems and seeking correct solutions among issues of conflicting reality… it is transcending the text and an ability to throw off its chains and an objective response to actual reality. Thus, since the human-societal [relation] represents an extension or a civilisational and historical connection interposed by [3] cultural acquaintance interruptions, it therefore carries its cultural reserves with it. However, it makes use of it in a creative manner. [1] Literally: whose spring has dried up. [Translator] [2] Literally: prisoner of imitation. [Translator] [3] NOTE: I have used the passive voice instead of the active voice used in the Arabic original here. [Translator]  
http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 The meaning of creativity Hence creativity is not an imagination nor a free individual thought, rather, it is a reflection that the standards and rules of logic govern and the needs of society reaching excellence that becomes a source for objective changes that a person realises in the world, in society and in their self in a free climate. Thus human societies differ from one another in the peculiarity [1] they have among them (innovative, or creative activity) and in the scope of this activity for the spheres of life to manufacture a new life that is always in renewal, progress and ascension, that is, a new civilisational phase. Furthermore, this creative social action is a measure for the society’s ability to offer and self-confidence with regards to free interaction among societies. Accordingly, it is a fruition of the social body, that is a fruition of identity without which the characteristics, components and salient features of identity wither or disappear from the social consciousness so that [society] seeks it in theoretical dreams. [2] [1] [Note: literaly: angle] [2] [Note: Literally: theoretical naps]  
http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 Understanding, or consciousness, that exists on reflection and contemplation does not happen at random nor individually, rather, it is a communal activity that takes place within the framework of what we call rational methodical reflection, I mean a reflecion in conformity with rules that are the scientific rules of reflection in our present time, [and within] a thought framework formed on the mode of scientific achievements…Hence every novelty, through this reflection and founded on active communal action, leads to a decisive new social view of human conduct…I mean it leads to new creativity in thought and in action (social conduct or creative, innovative activity).  
http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 The human-societal life is a spirited communal action…[it is] trial and error…and a transcendence of the past…[it is] stimuli and reactions as a product of this effectiveness and bears a historical consciousness that is the reserves of the cultural society just as it bears a future goal, since this is undoubtedly what gives life’s action a social or humanistic meaning. If an animal reacts to its surrounding stimulants in a repeated, conventional way which we describe as instinct, then the human-societal reaction is not likewise, rather, it is an adaptation to novelty, that is, it is a critical, rational action in order to harmonise with novelty and transcend convention and a departure on a path of fashioning life founded on a methodology and principles that are [both] recognised in the interim by the name of principles of logic and scientific research methodology. The human-societal existence, according to this conception, is the historical effectiveness for this activity. A person, because they are governed by objective rules of activity for their existence, yet by virtue of the consciousness and intellect that they own, [which] are the harvest of their accomplishments and activity, they are in a state that makes them fit to make new circumstances for the activity of the laws and indeed up until forming a new existence that has its new rules.  
http://www.3rbi.info/Article.asp?ID=11297 Creativity is the renewal of life, so today’s day is unlike yesterday, and let [us have] the future of tomorrow be even more beautiful, enjoyable, radiant and perfect by virtue of active communal action. Therefore, human life is distinguished from that of animals in that [the former] is not a typical continuum nor a spontaneous regularity. In order for society life to really be humane in impression and nature it is necessary that it constantly be renewing, that is to say, [that it be] a regular creative life. The society which does not know creative life is a society destitute of the essential human characteristic that distinguishes it from the animal and destitute of the joy of renewal, construction and change…that is, destitute of the craft of existence and society’s responsibility of existence.