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Creativity…Is it a personal contribution?

Creativity is the renewal of life and a communal effort that has its conditions; it is not merely a personal contribution. Undoubtedly, it a part of the art of existence.

It is said that Shahrazad’s secret was that she renewed life with the course of days: the listener would wait at night longingly and passionately for the new day in order to relish visions of a new life that brings joy and happiness to them. So if the [course of] days of our social life is monotonous – that is, today, yesterday and tomorrow are much the same – it would certainly be a life of sheer boredom. But the beauty and joy of life lies in its renewal and diversity…in its fresh creativity. It is unsurprising that we always describe something that renews as vital, that is to say, throbbing with life…novelty and change are what ‘to throb with life’ is…so life is constant renewed action, forever diverse. Hence we long for it…we cherish it…it is all the more beautiful to our eyes, we cultivate it under our [watchful] eyes with our minds, thoughts and hands…it is undoubtedly from us and for us, it is not unfamiliar nor are we alien to it…On the contrary, between us and life is a unity of existence. When we sacrifice for its sake, we say we are sacrificing with our lives, that is, with our existence…because it is the life or because it is us in [the form of] our renewed active communal existence…

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