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Creativity (Part 3)

The human-societal life is a spirited communal action…[it is] trial and error…and a transcendence of the past…[it is] stimuli and reactions as a product of this effectiveness and bears a historical consciousness that is the reserves of the cultural society just as it bears a future goal, since this is undoubtedly what gives life’s action a social or humanistic meaning.

If an animal reacts to its surrounding stimulants in a repeated, conventional way which we describe as instinct, then the human-societal reaction is not likewise, rather, it is an adaptation to novelty, that is, it is a critical, rational action in order to harmonise with novelty and transcend convention and a departure on a path of fashioning life founded on a methodology and principles that are [both] recognised in the interim by the name of principles of logic and scientific research methodology.

The human-societal existence, according to this conception, is the historical effectiveness for this activity. A person, because they are governed by objective rules of activity for their existence, yet by virtue of the consciousness and intellect that they own, [which] are the harvest of their accomplishments and activity, they are in a state that makes them fit to make new circumstances for the activity of the laws and indeed up until forming a new existence that has its new rules.

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