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Creativity (Part 5)

The meaning of creativity

Hence creativity is not an imagination nor a free individual thought, rather, it is a reflection that the standards and rules of logic govern and the needs of society reaching excellence that becomes a source for objective changes that a person realises in the world, in society and in their self in a free climate.

Thus human societies differ from one another in the peculiarity [1] they have among them (innovative, or creative activity) and in the scope of this activity for the spheres of life to manufacture a new life that is always in renewal, progress and ascension, that is, a new civilisational phase. Furthermore, this creative social action is a measure for the society’s ability to offer and self-confidence with regards to free interaction among societies. Accordingly, it is a fruition of the social body, that is a fruition of identity without which the characteristics, components and salient features of identity wither or disappear from the social consciousness so that [society] seeks it in theoretical dreams. [2]

[1] [Note: literaly: angle]

[2] [Note: Literally: theoretical naps]

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