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Creativity (Part 6)

Creativity is, with this meaning, a negation of a restrictive framework and a rebellion against a conventional approach whose steam has run out [1] and has become incapable of definitively solving issues and problems of the present reality and an obstruction to movement towards the future. It is undoutedly a purposeful methodological rebellion reaching a new approach in diagnosing and understanding phenomena of reality that have come to a head and whose movement has come to a standstill or has lost its fertility. Thus it is not deemed to produce novelty through a humanistic thought bound to imitation…[2] creativity is in various areas of social thought and scientific research, always believing in change and renewal, [believing] in human ability and [believing] in the possibility of the correct banishment of fundamental problems and seeking correct solutions among issues of conflicting reality… it is transcending the text and an ability to throw off its chains and an objective response to actual reality.

Thus, since the human-societal [relation] represents an extension or a civilisational and historical connection interposed by [3] cultural acquaintance interruptions, it therefore carries its cultural reserves with it. However, it makes use of it in a creative manner.

[1] Literally: whose spring has dried up. [Translator]

[2] Literally: prisoner of imitation. [Translator]

[3] NOTE: I have used the passive voice instead of the active voice used in the Arabic original here. [Translator]

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