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Creativity (Part 7)

I mean by this that it restores its cultural heritage on a selective basis with what consolidates its future movement and its active productive work without movement and action impediments. Furthermore, it adds a new cultural creativity to it in turn becoming a legacy for coming generations. Hence we say it is a creative restoration of cultural legacy or a communal creativity in selecting by [means of] what takes it out of rigid subordination and of spontaneous regularity[1] and life impoverishment…it is the creativity to renew life until it becomes a life rich with meanings, fertile [for] production bearing the causes of progress.[2]

If we contemplate our state and our multiple and faltering social issues (issues of progress, women, human rights, scientific research, education, freedoms… and so on), it becomes apparent to us that the core problem is seeking a creative [person]…or innovative change and the fulfillment of its causes and conditions…[the core problem is] for us to build our lives and craft our existence in free interaction with others with our hands in an innovative manner on the level of modern civilisation…which is a civilisation bursting with innovative action…[the core problem is] building a society packed with the impulse of innovative activity…for periods of prosperity and civilisation are those in which this impulse reaches its climax.

[1] Literally: spontaneity of regularity. [Translator]

[2] Literally: pregnant with the causes of progress. [Translator]

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