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Pre-Islamic Poetry 1


Time will reveal to you that which you were unaware of; 

and the one whom you had not dispatched* will bring you news 

Meaning: Time will certainly expose to you what was concealed from you; and news will come to you [spontaneously] without you having to exert yourself [take the trouble] to seek it out.

* That is: to seek out news. Literally: ‘and the one whom you had not supplied with travelling provisions will bring you news’

ستبدي لك الأيام ما كنت جاهلا

ويأتيك بالأخبار من لم تزود

المعنى: إن الأيام ستكشف لك ما كان مستترا عنك، وستأتيك الأخبار [عفوا] من غير أن تكلف نفسك [أن تتجشم] البحث عنها.

Sharh Qatr al-nada  شرح قطر الندى

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